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Strengthening community through sustainable, engaging solutions for clients.



What is “Kapwa” anyways?

Kapwa is a Tagalog word describing the interconnectedness of one with the whole community. Each of us has a unique quality, and that difference is makes for a stronger community. We recognize that each client is different; our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to capitalize on those unique qualities.

We’ve traveled a lot and lived in many different places. The communities we’ve called home and the cultures that have touched our lives influence everything we do. Not only are international business opportunities increasingly important: so is the growing diversity in local markets. Kapwa can help you identify and address these opportunities.

Let us help you leverage your unique qualities so you can be a little different too.



It’s easy to be inspired by the people we work with. We see the impact they’re having on their community, whether they’re a business, not-for-profit, or serve in public office. We believe that diversity enriches a community, and what makes you different is your strongest asset.

Strength lies in differences, not similarities.

Kapwa was built on the experience and expertise of Fe Wyma, Creative Director, Founder and marathon coffee-drinker. She has over 20 years experience in the creative industry, is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, and holds Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) status with the Graphic Design Society of Canada.